Reversion Technique

Do you remember what it was like the first time you put skis on? Can you remember the first few days of bruises, excitement, and the thrill of uncontrolled speed? If you started a long time ago you probably won’t remember a great deal either, so prepare for reversion therapy! If you started only a short time ago then all this will be instantly familiar.

This section deals with the technique that got you going up to the parallel turn. It is intended as revision so that you can revert to practising it, and thinking about how it works. This will be quite easy as you should have no longer have any restrictive influences such as fear, or badly fitting boots (like you did when you started). It will also give you an idea of how to teach a beginner.

It is not for a beginner to use as a manual, prior to skiing for the first time, as nothing can do the early learning process justice except to go out onto the slopes and experience the pleasure, terror, and mere sensation of gliding over snow for the first time. I have mentioned elsewhere some very basic guidelines for teaching, so if there is good reason to teach a friend, then do refer back to them.

You really must practise these basic techniques yourself; they will not take a long time to get through - perhaps you can run through some of them in an idle moment waiting for your friends at the bottom of the gondola. They will definitely give you an insight into where your weight is over the skis, what you are doing to steer them, and how you are unweighting them before a turn - useful things to store away for later.


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